Kjell A. Nordström

Quotes from Funky Business and Karaoke Capitalism
All great products and services have a soul.
We need knowledge to be able to outsource knowledge.
Brands fulfill the duals needs of belonging and being different.
Short term, imitators may beat true innovators, but in the long term, creators thrive at the expense of copycats.
Spending time customers is the essence of management.
Markets are basically nothing but conversations. It's all about information exchange.
Gallery visitors did not tell Picasso to invent cubism.
Individual competitiveness =
What you know x Who you know
Nothing the slightest amazing has ever been done in isolation.
Find the revolutionaries, do not try to change people.
An inovative environment must have an exceptionally high tolerance for mistakes.
power exists - as it always has - in providing people with dreams.



About Kjell A. Nordström

Dr.Kjell A. Nordström's style mirrors his message, unconventional yet valid, dynamic yet noteworthy. He is not your typical business guru; his revolutionary message is delivered in a revolutionary way.

Amid the madness and hyperbole sorrounding the new economy, Dr KJELL NORDSTRÖM is the enfant terrible of the new world of business. The 2009 Thinkers 50, the biennial ranking of management thinkers, ranked Nordström number 23 in the world and put him in the top five list for Europe. His dynamic style makes him a highly appreciated speaker through out the world. He has served as an advisor/consultant to several large multinationals as well as running smaller interactive workshop sessions. Presenting a manifesto of what is required from organisations and their leaders, he delivers powerful and sharp messages to test your views of business. He challenges the validity of conventional approaches in today's world, yet submits real and alternative strategies for sustainability.